derryX saw the Jersey Shore Season 3 Reunion Show

We started this season with a protege, and now we have nothing, except the Jersey Shore…

The host (missed her name) looks like a younger, yummier Padma Lakshmi without the disgusting scar.

Everyone gets intro’d and Ron and Pauly D get the biggest pop.

The host asks dumb questions about weird things they all did throughout the season. Nothing interesting to extract.

Interview with Snooki alone – She talks about dating and calls Vinny out for sending mixed signals. She says Vinny turned into a “jerkoff.” Everyone talks whenever they want, so I don’t know why they pulled her out for this interview.

Interview with JWoww alone, with Snooki sitting right there – She talks about Roger. Who cares? The rest of the cast approves of him. I don’t care.

Interview with Mike alone – He seems even more awkward than at the Trump roast. They question him on pets, because he didn’t do much other than talk to pets the whole season.

Pauly and Vinny join Mike – MVP! They talk about how Mike’s a troublemaker. Sam starts shit with him. Nothing good happened.

Deena joins them all. They show videos of Deena falling all over the place. I don’t think this is going anywhere.

Sammi gets interviewed, alone – I wonder what they’re going to ask her about. Sam looks like a mess.

Ron joins Sammi on the couch. Ohh God. YES!!! Ron admits that he was crying like a bitch. Aww they leave their relationship open to future revisiting. I’m ignoring this shit. I don’t care about their relationship or lack thereof.

ARVIN!!! He just came up. Ok back to ignoring it…

The last segment is about spray tanning. Gross.

And that’s it. Season’s done.

I’m counting this as an episode. Episode rating – 1.5 / 5


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