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derryX Chefs Coat

Recently, I started following Screen Designs Inc. on Instagram. They have been diligently posting the things they’re working on, and, with the DDP Yoga retreat coming up and having a cooking demonstration scheduled for the retreat, I figured it was as good a time as any to reach out and see what it would take to get my chefs coat embroidered. You’ve already seen the result (above).

Screen Designs Inc

Screen Designs Inc

While I was there to discuss that project, Mark, graphic designer and the guy who runs their social media, invited me back to see their production area.

It was like being on Sesame Street! Production was in full force, and Mark walked me through the whole place to show me how they do what they do.

Printing area for clothing

When we got to the paint area, I threw around a little of my chemistry background, which I think took Mark by surprise.

Paint pigments

I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible. I got to see the machine and the person who was going to be embroidering my jacket.

Embroidering machine

On my way out, Mark gave me a bag of some of the products they offer, branded with their logos.

Screen Designs Gift bag

Screen Designs Items

Walking out of there, I had about a thousand ideas for other projects I could work with Screen Designs Inc. on. And the next morning, a pair of my favorite shorts ripped. When I picked up the chefs coat, I sat down with Mark to talk about what would be involved in printing the derryX logo big and bold on 6 pairs workout shorts.

He sat me down with the catalog, and I found a pair that looked and sounded good. He sent me on my way, and got back to me within a couple of days with a few different options. That’s their process when you order screen printed materials. You pick what you want, and they come back with comparable products from all of the resources they draw from to help you hone in on what’s best for your budget and needs.

Within about a week (maybe another day or two), my shorts were ready. And they are awesome!

New Shorts

The material is a moisture wicking cotton, which is perfect for training. They fit me perfectly. And they carry the derryX logo, big and bold! Price-wise, they actually cost less than a comparable, plain-ass pair would cost at Sports Authority or Target.

So now I not only have a branded chefs coat for my cooking demonstration at the DDP Yoga retreat and other cooking endeavors, I also have a bunch of branded shorts for the DDP Yoga class I’m teaching at the retreat and all of my other training endeavors.

Having worked with Zazzle and Cafe Press in the past, I gotta say the price and experience of working with a local business definitely beats the online competitors. And, looking through their showroom, I’m amazed by how many items I already own that they made for other businesses. They literally deal with everybody!

Screen Designs Inc. is located at 2009 Central Avenue in Colonie. Give them a holler if there’s anything (and I mean anything…selfie sticks?!?!) you want with printing on it. Tell them I sent you!


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