2011 WFMU Record Fair Weekend

This past weekend was the 2011 WFMU record fair, and I made 2011 the first year in which I participated in the event. And by “participated,” I mean went. It started with a bus trip down to NYC to visit my brother, Dom.

Stare at this long enough and a secret message will appear...

When I got off the bus, Dom and I made a quick trip to Eataly, just blocks away from the sewer in which the Megabus drops you off.

We picked up groceries to make a great breakfast the next morning.

After Eataly, we went to a Mexican restaurant on the Upper West Side called Noche Mexicana.

I got the sampler platter. Was pretty good.

The next morning, We cooked up breakfast. Semolina and multigrain toast with imported sweet cream butter, cured bacon, and scrambled eggs.

You are now jealous, as you should be...

Then it was time to get ready to head over the the Record Fair.

When we got there, at 12:30pm on Saturday, it was already swarmed with people.

We took a walk around, looked at some records, then decided to hang by the swag table and wait for Gorfman.

We took another walk around, and decided to sneak away for some lunch. We went to a place called Eisenburg’s because Gorfman insisted on eating somewhere that had John Hodgman’s picture hanging on the wall.

We ate light...
yeah...yeah right

We went back to the record fair to meet some people we knew were going to be at the record fair. Such as…

The Legendary associate producer Mike from The Best Show on WFMU


The talented actress, photographer, and LA Review of Books editor, Lisa Jane Persky

I also got to shake Tom Scharpling’s hand and watch him ride a swing on a merry-go-round. With Lisa, who was one of the most kind and wonderful people I have ever met, was Andy Zax, music historian, who you will remember steered me in the right direction of forming the complete Beatles works as they would have intended me to own them.

AP Mike was a riot. There was a band playing for a live performance on DJ Terre T’s radio program. Let’s just say it wasn’t Mike’s favorite.

I met some other Friends of Tom, DanEastman, JustSheano and Scratchbomb, TheSpoony, AuntieChristina, and Kiemzi [twitter handles and real human beings just like you and me]. Everyone I met was awesome. Most of these guys were working, so we didn’t get to chat for long, but it was nice meeting everyone. I also may have seen Spike.

Dom and I spun the WFMU Wheel-O-Fate! We won prizes!!!

After we got everything we were gonna get, we headed back to Dom’s place. We took the tally of what we all got.

Dom's Record Fair Bounty
derryX's record fair bounty
Gorfman's record fair bounty...WTF???

We all made some pretty stunning finds, but, as you can see, Gorfman did the best. He paid money for a bootleg copy of a Ghostbusters fan film (that is being distributed for free). We actually watched the whole 86 minutes of the movie, and it was awesomeful.

After the movie, we ordered Chinese food from Dom’s computer, who delivered the food fairly quickly.

Shrimp toast and Schezwan style dumplings

The next morning, Dom, Amanda, and I ate at a diner.

Corned beef hash, eggs, pancakes

Then I rode off into the sunset.

It was a pretty awesome weekend.

Ohh yeah, it also decided to snow on Saturday, and that hindered the epic derryX-Wally Wackiman meetup that was supposed to happen. That was a little upsetting, but there was so much packed into the weekend that putting that particular meetup off may have been a good thing. Now, it’s going to be even more AMAZING!


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