Listen to My Exit on WEXT

Listen up, folks. Literally.

This evening, you will have the rare opportunity to hear one solid hour of music programmed by yours truly. WEXT ( is a local listener-supported radio station that has a weekly hour of programming performed by people outside of radio called My Exit. Anybody can submit the form to participate.

I had a few fun ideas of what I would do with my musical selections on the program, and I was recently contacted to create a playlist and record some blurbs about my selections for the show (I did ask first). That show airs this evening at 8PM. Within the immediate capital region of NY, you can listen on your FM dial at 97.7, or it is available worldwide streaming live at the WEXT website (follow the links at the top to “Listen live”). [There is also an iPhone app to listen live that you can download from the website]

Some basic information about me and three of the songs I picked can be read over at All Over Albany.

I decided to have a little additional fun with those of you who read, interact, and are planning to listen.

First, study the following image, which is a copy of the playlist that I submitted for My Exit.

You’ll notice I’ve blacked out all of the song information except for the genre and year. Yeah, this is ridiculous. I can assure you that underneath the black bars, there is something for everybody, but you’re gonna have to listen to find out. Here’s a quick tidbit about each song that I picked, in numerical order:

  1. If you listened to rock and roll in in the late 60s or if you were a wrestling fan in the late 90s, you’ll love my intro.
  2. A great song, great words to live by, and LOST – Desmond.
  3. This song has been covered a million times, this time by Adele.
  4. Now the party is really starting.
  5. Gotta have something by The Police in there.
  6. This song is how I live my life.
  7. This song is how I feel about doing this blog.
  8. Read an extended blurb about “Tears in the Rain” by Joe Satriani on AOA.
  9. Because I was a mean kid, my brother thinks this song was written about him.
  10. A little slow alternative never killed anybody.
  11. I don’t like ska, but I like this band and this song.
  12. Read an extended blurb about Brian G, Plan 10, and “Amanda’s Box” on AOA.
  13. While there’s a lot of underlying boring politics in this song, it’s a catchy tune and probably one of my favorites by this band (at least later career).
  14. Another LOST reference? We have to go back…there.
  15. Read an extended blurb about “Jesus Fever” by Kurt Vile on AOA.
  16. I don’t necessarily love this band, but this song is solid. And it’s current.
  17. If you’ve known me for the last two years, you know something from this album had to be here.

So…I’d love to hear your guesses for what the songs are.

Here’s what we’re going to do: tune in to My Exit this evening at 8 PM, either by streaming online or on the radio. I will be hosting a live virtual listening party. I’ll be watching twitter and facebook, posting live updates with additional comments about the songs I picked and answering your questions about the set.

Again, folks, listen live this evening, 8PM eastern (5pm pacific) worldwide at We’re gonna have a good time!

[WEXT is a listener-supported station, so, if you like what you hear, tune in for more original programming and donate.]


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