The Operation: nWo 2 Announcement…

I can’t get on here and act like I have everything all planned out.

Last year, I challenged myself in many ways, the biggest being to get back into some kind of fitness routine. You wouldn’t believe it from some of the things you see me post, but I had a lot of success with that in 2011. A challenge that you probably didn’t realize was what I was going to do for “Operation: nWo.” I winged it. I threw something ambiguous out there, and had to come up with something creative to make it pay off in the end. It turns out, taking inspiration from wanting to wear an nWo shirt again, I found the perfect payoff to the fitness (and blog) challenge.

When I decided 2012 was going to focus around Operation: nWo 2, I had something specific in mind. So rather than wing it, I’ll be right up front with it.

People get me great gifts. I mean, some of the things people have bought for me have been things that perfectly fit my personality and wants.

nWo 4 life

For example, my brother, Dom, pictured above, who has his own blog called “Fat Lantern” where he predominantly writes about things he discovers in comic book history, bought me one of the all-time greatest gifts I could have ever wanted, and will be the focus of Operation: nWo 2.

What's in the bag?

It’s a replica of the nWo World Heavyweight Championship belt that Hulk Hogan and company took upon themselves to spray paint upon capturing it at WCW Hog Wild on August 10, 1996.

It’s definitely a collectors piece and not really for wearing. But who says I don’t want to wear it?

As it stands, in my current condition, I can barely clasp the belt together at the outermost clasps. It’s tight and awkward to put on right now.

By December 31, 2012, I want to wear the belt comfortably, and maybe hit the derry’s edge while wearing it…


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