Pushing through a low point

File this under “Motivation.”

There are times when you just get burned out from what you’re doing. I faced a 4 year long fitness drought between 2006 and 2010. I tried, but I just couldn’t get back into it.

You’re all well aware, in 2011, I’ve turned the corner, and I now have the gym incorporated into my daily and weekly routines. But sometimes, you have to let yourself slip to get on firm ground again.

I took about a 2 week hiatus from the gym due to mental exhaustion and physical illness. During those two weeks, I allowed myself to reflect on the past year, what I’ve been doing right, what I’ve been doing wrong, what I want to change, what I won’t change. Within control, I let my food plan slip pretty far. I drank pumpkin spice and egg nog lattes, ate sausage, egg, and cheese¬†croissants, pizza, Chinese food, McRibs, you get the picture.

I wasn’t feeling like working out; I felt like eating like crap.¬†I don’t regret any of it. But I know I have it in control. It’s time to tighten up and get back on track.

This past week, I made it back into the gym five times, a phenomenon that had only happened once since the beginning of the year. I even incorporated a new leg strength training routine that I’m going to do once a week.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is best summed up by something I had the pleasure of overhearing while walking to my car after a workout. I don’t know what this old man was talking about, but the damn quote fits, and pretty damn perfectly.

You gotta watch what you’re doing! It’s a new world order, man.

Music to my ears.


2 thoughts on “Pushing through a low point

  • Darth

    I need to get motivated too man. In 2006 I was working out for close to an hour a day. I was doing bicep curls with 60 lb dumbbells. My arms were huge. I was doing creatine and was all about lean protein. Then I met my wife, started eating like a fat fcuk, gained about 70 lbs, and nearly killed myself being a fat ass.

    Now that I had gastric bypass and lost those 70 lbs, I’m obviously healthier but I don’t have the muscle I had back in 2006. Plus my weight loss has flatlined, so I need to work out to lose the remaining 30-40 lbs that I want to.

    I can’t eat like a fat fcuk anymore, but I still push myself by eating crap. I’ll eat 1 slice of pizza instead of a whole pie, but I shouldn’t even be eating that.

    My latest thing is to only eat fruits, veggies, and lean meat. I’ll eat red meat or pork once a week at most. My carbs are back to minimal. After surgery when I realized I could eat bread, I noticed I was becoming a carb addict again when that’s the worst thing for my scenario.

    It’s my goal to start working out every day again, I just need my work schedule to stop being so fcuking insane. It’s hard to workout when you have to go to bed the minute you get home to be at work at 3am.

    Good luck getting pumped. This time of year is the hardest, but that’s what should be the most motivation.

  • Valerae

    Man, it’s so hard to get motivated sometimes and easy to loose control – which is so weird because when you have control of things, life is so much better. I was going to the gym earlier this year and doing well until I injured my foot. I felt SO good every day when I went to the gym. But with the injury it was easy to let go. Now I have a big dog and she’s motivation enough to get me out and moving every day. It’s not exactly the high impact cardio I need, but I’ll take it.


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