I’ve lost 75 pounds…

Those who have been following along since the beginning of 2011 know that I’ve been gradually getting into a more fit and active lifestyle. I had reached a point by the end of 2010 where I was incredibly unhealthy and just not feeling good at all.

derryX toward the end of 2010
derryX toward the end of 2010

At that point, I had resolved to train three days per week and to make dietary adjustments to put an effort to get in better shape. Where I had failed at various times up until then was going too fast too soon, so I’ve made a conscious effort to be sure that any changes I’ve made to my diet and exercise plan would be incremental. I wasn’t monitoring weight per sé, but I knew where I was. What I weigh doesn’t exactly matter to me; I’m more concerned with how I feel.

derryX on 2-27-13

And I feel great!

At the end of February, I passed 75 pounds lost. While I say I’m not concerned with my weight, the gravity (literally!) of having lost such a significant amount of weight is very real. If you go to a gym, pick up two 35 pound dumbbells and walk around with them. It’s no wonder I was constantly fatigued when I was at my heaviest. Of course, having gradually lost the weight over 26 months, it’s not quite as dramatic, but it’s still been fun to watch the pants sizes shrink and the belt notches go down.

At the beginning of my initiative to be fit, I was eating a very unhealthy diet high in protein and fat and low on carbohydrates and training a maximum of three times a week. I started doing 20 minutes of cardio only, and progressed into adding some light strength training.

At this point, I’m living much healthier. I’m training five or six times a week for about 45 minutes each time. Three of those times, I split up my muscle groups and alternate strength training on those muscle groups then do cardio; the rest of the days, I just do cardio. I’m eating a much more practical diet consisting mainly of whole and natural foods, including an egg or two daily (my cholesterol is perfect). Occasionally, I post some pictures of some of my regular meals on facebook or twitter, but I’ve been good about posting the healthier recipes that I’ve been making for myself lately. I haven’t slouched on the “derryX dines” project; new places are added to the map weekly, and I order normally off any menu, just as anyone else would.

Everything really evolved into what it is now, and I’m making sure to keep it evolving.

One of the things that sucked about being heavy was sleeping. I’m prone to sleep apnea, so being heavy didn’t help with that. Nowadays, I’m sleeping almost through the night, and (hopefully) not snoring as much or as loudly.

derryX in his nWo shirt
derryX in his nWo shirt

Some clothes that I loved now fit again, and I’m looking forward to shopping for some brand new clothes in the very near future.

On the whole, I feel great, not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s a great feeling knowing that the little bit of time that I squeeze in the gym during my lunch hour is resulting in positive changes to my health. But, also, building time for the gym into my daily routine helps me to prioritize my day and has even led to some professional improvements with my career.

So, anyway, I’m finished celebrating having lost 75 pounds. Now, I’m looking onward toward my next milestone which is 25 pounds away, and, actually, at that point, I would have lost all that I want to lose. The challenge then will be to maintain that weight.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The usual disclaimer that I’m not a fitness professional should be made. If you are looking to make changes in your lifestyle, always consult a professional.


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