derryX Dines

Dining anecdotes near and far.

Eating TRIPLE SPICY SUSHI at My Neighborhood Place – derryX Dines

Plus A HOT spicy General Tso Like Dish. All from MIZU SUSHI Japanese Restaurant in Schenectady New York.

Eating EVERYTHING at a LEGENDARY Hot Dog Stand – derryX Dines

I Ordered EVERYTHING they make at Gus’s Hotdogs in Watervliet NY (Upstate NY).

MAXED OUT! Eating Pad Thai At The HOTTEST Thai Restaurant Near Me – derryX Dines

LOADED with every protein and Spice Level TO THE MAX!! Celadon Thai in Latham (Upstate NY) LITERALLY took my breath away.

Eating An Italian Sub While Drenched in Coffee Soda – derryX Dines

I Used To LOVE Manhattan Special COFFEE SODA until today! PLUS, I knocked over an Italian cookie display while I was there. I AM A MESS! I did get a chance to be eating an Italian Sub Sandwich from Pellegrino Importing on Central Avenue in Albany, NY. Pretty good Italian Mix!

Eating SPICY KOREAN BARBECUE Street Style In Downtown Albany – derryX Dines

I NEVER LEARN!!! K Plate in Albany/Troy has SPICY BULGOGI that gets me every time! Plus I RE-UP with the sriracha mayo! Was it TOO MUCH this time?

Eating One Of EVERYTHING At A New Market In An Old Building – derryX Dines

LITERALLY from The Colonial Era! Arthurs’s 1795 in the Schenectady Stockade just opened, and I tried A LOT!

Eating THE HANGOVER From A Food Truck Business In Schenectady – derryX Dines

BACON…SAUSAGE…STEAK…Eggs…Cheese…Everything Bagel breakfast sandwich. THE HANGOVER – Food Truck LLC in Schenectady.

Eating Takeout From The Fanciest Mexican Restaurant In My Town – derryX Dines

The Flavors Are Important! TORO CANTINA is the fanciest Mexican Restaurant In My Town, but takeout strips that away.

Eating Something Unexpected At A New Thai Restaurant In My Town – derryX Dines

Plus MY FIRST Thai Panang Curry. Did Bangkok Kitchen Add The Wrong Ingredient or Is This Advertised Wrong?

Eating Eggplant Parmesan At A New Old School Italian Restaurant – derryX Dines

I NEVER ORDER EGGPLANT PARM! Does Donna’s Italian and American Restaurant In Troy, NY do it right?!