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Dining anecdotes near and far.

I had to WAKE THE CLUCK UP ! Roosters NY – derryX Dines Again

I don’t think I’ve EVER had fried chicken coated with CORNFLAKES on a burger. Stay tuned to see if I can even come close to finishing. CAN I EVEN EAT ALL THIS!?!?!

GIANT CHICKEN PARMESAN SANDWICH for 200 Subs – Macerola’s Pizza Gram Plus – derryX Dines Again

IT’S A CELEBRATION!! CHICKEN PARMESAN SANDWICH for 200 Subs! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Let’s get the channel HUGE! SUBSCRIBE for more! MOST RECENT VIDEO – derryX Dines Again Playlist: LATEST derryX Dines Again food review: Buy me a coffee! NOBODY BELIEVES ME!!! Social MediaderryX ► http://derryX.comTwitter ► ► ► Jerry Papandrea► What I ordered:CHICKEN PARMIGIANA with marinara sauce (Sub, Torpedo, Hoagie, whatever you want to call it!)GIANT garlic knots (Seriously, these pizza dough garlic knots were huge!) Macerola’s Pizza Gram is an Albany Italian Restaurant in upstate ny located at 2514 western avenue in guilderland ny. My food review covers thechicken parm sub (chicken parmesan sandwich), which is one ofRead More

Chile peppers on a burger 5 ways – Manhattan Exchange – derryX Dines Again

I don’t think I’ve EVER had chile peppers on a burger 5 ways. Stay tuned to see all of the ways. CAN I EVEN TAKE THIS HEAT!?!?!

IT MEANS DELICIOUS – Mazadar Mediterranean Kitchen – derryX Dines Again

I may have ordered too much! LUNCH BREAK from work at MAZADAR Mediterranean Kitchen. IT MEANS DELICIOUS!!!

Too spicy?! The Cuckoos Nest – derryX Dines Again

CAN I EVEN TAKE THE HEAT THIS TIME?! First time trying Nashville Hot Chicken and The Cuckoo’s Nest.

More toppings than ever before – The Poke Bar – derryX Dines Again

I LOVE a place that goes all in with the provocative branding! LOL I got a POKE BOWL with I believe more toppings than ever before.

“Didn’t you write a food blog?” RITUAL 518 – derryX Dines Again

I stopped into RITUAL 518 where you MAKE GOOD NUTRITION YOUR RITUAL for a smoothie and some toast and while I was eating right outside, something happened.

What’s the story, morning coffee ? STORIED COFFEE – derryX Dines Again

We finally checked out Storied Coffee, where EVERY CUP TELLS A STORY!