Did Tatu Tacos BURN the Birria Taco Cheese?!

INNOVATIVE CUISINE at Tatu Tacos in Troy NY (Upstate New York), but is the execution PERFECT? Let’s find out.

Absolute TOP 5 Breakfast Spots in the Outer Banks

Absolute TOP 5 Breakfast Spots in the Outer Banks PLUS 2 MONEY SAVING HACKS

I Went Back to the Best Place I Found At The Outer Banks

Don’t let the name fool you! AWFUL ARTHURS is the Best Restaurant We Found At The Outer Banks OBX and WE WENT BACK!

RoFo REFUSED to Make My Chicken Sandwich Spicy

Royal Farms is a Gas Station Convenience Store that also SPECIALIZES in Fried Chicken. Does their CHICKEN SANDWICH compete with fast food heavy hitters like Popeyes, KFC, or Chick-Fil-A?

Wish me LUCK! They Gave Me a 60oz Margarita for My Birthday

Bombers Burrito Bar in Schenectady and Albany is known for its GIANT, FREE Birthday Margarita. I’ve tried multiple times and never finished it. Was my 43rd Birthday the night I did?!?

I Tried the Most HYPED Cookies in NYC

LEVAIN Bakery in NYC is known for 6 oz cookies that have become a New York Institution! But are they worth the hype?

I Had BRUNCH at a Hot Dog Icon (75 Years History!)

Mike’s Hot Dogs in Schenectady NY (Upstate NY) has been around since 1947 (75 years!). In that time, the menu has stayed consistent. What is special about Mike’s First Prize Hots?

I Went to New York City to Find Authentic Mexican Mole

Mole Mexican Restaurant in New York City (Upper East Side) advertises a mole poblano sauce made in Mexico. Was it worth the trip?

Crispy Fried Chicken That Shatters Like Glass at The Nest

THE MOST POPULAR RESTAURANT in Schenectady has been The Nest for quite a while. Is their Crispy Fried Chicken or Chicken and Waffles anything to brag about?

I Found a Fancy NYC CHOPPED CHEESE in My Area!!!

ILLUSIVE Restaurant & Bar in Rensselaer NY makes an ELEVATED Chopped Cheese just like the Harlem Chopped Cheese.