Top Karaoke Moments in 2010

derryX recounts some fond karaoke memories of 2010

Another derryX Party…

derryX throws #dompap a going away party.

Karaoke Killer

derryX recounts his karaoke experience from Friday 9/24.

Karaoke aka the one you've all been waiting for

If you have been witness to a karaoke event involving me, you know it is always one for the ages. Having said that, I want to improve upon an already amazing experience. I generally like to entertain when I perform songs at karaoke. My goal is to pick something that either people don’t expect, something that you would never imagine I’d know, or something that I can put on a good show with some good voices. For the people who don’t know, the following songs are part of my regular repertoire: Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance” Tenacious D – “Tribute” (only w @dompap) Metallica – “Sad But True” Mike Jones – “Back Then” My recent research and admiration for The BeatlesRead More