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Dining anecdotes near and far.

Wendy’s SPICY Big Bacon Chicken Sandwich, but Is It Good?

Wendy’s released their BIG BACON CHEDDAR CHICKEN SANDWICH Is It Good?

Best Place To Eat We Found At The Outer Banks – derryX Dines

Don’t let the name fool you! AWFUL ARTHURS is the Best Restaurant We Found At The Outer Banks OBX.

Taco Bell NEW Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco – Is It Good?

Definitely NOT A SANDWICH, Taco Bell Has Released their NEW Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. Is It Good?

Eating At The Most Controversial Burger Shop Near Me – derryX Dines #100

Formerly BURGER CENTRIC in Albany, today, we visit Dave’s Gourmet Burgers in Schenectady, The Most Controversial Burger Shop Near Me. ACTION PACKED!

Another Chicken Sandwich At Stewarts Shops?!? Is it good?

Trying the SPICY CRISPY CHICKEN Sandwich on Butter Roll with Pickles at Stewarts Shops. Does Stewart’s Shops NEW Chicken Sandwich Measure Up?

“All About The Benjamins Baby” Drink In Philly – derryX Dines

Drury Beer Garden FEATURES a Whiskey drink “All About the Benjamins Baby” with Jim Beam Black, orange-cherry bitters and edible $100 dollar bill.

Eating 6 Donuts At The Original Duck Donuts Location (Took Too Long) derryX Dines

This is the WORST THING you can do when visiting The Outer Banks.

Eating At The Best Reviewed CARRIBEAN Restaurant Nearby – derryX Dines

According to Yelp, This Is The Best Reviewed CARRIBEAN Restaurant Nearby. Does The JERK CHICKEN at First Choice Carribean in Troy NY Measure Up?

Trying The NEW Dunkin Pumpkin Drinks Near A Chain Smoker

SOMETHING WEIRD happened while I was trying The New Dunkin Pumpkin Drinks

Best Philly Cheesesteak On The Block? *derryX Dines*

Does Cleavers Make Philladelphia’s BEST PHILLY CHEESESTEAK? Cleavers Cheesesteak Review