The GREATEST eggplant parmigiana tower that almost never happened

This is how to make EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA into a tower or maybe it’s how not to!

They missed the mark – Sneakerheads Netflix Series Review

OH BOY! I saw the Sneakerheads Netflix series, and I have things to say. *Contains spoilers*

NO OFFENSE to grandma, but this is how to make marinara sauce better and quicker

NO OFFENSE to your mom’s or grandma’s sauce, but I can show you how to make it arguably better and definitely faster!

How to make the BEST Chicken Milanese Focaccia Sandwich

HELP ME name this thing, and I’ll HELP YOU learn how to make it! Chicken milanese with arugula, roasted peppers, fresh mozz on beautiful focaccia! What do we call it?

My Top 10 *SPOILER* Moments – Cobra Kai Reaction (S1 and S2)

PLUS my THEORY about the Netflix Cobra Kai Season 3 Announcement AND a CAST MEMBER found my video!

I had to WAKE THE CLUCK UP ! Roosters NY – derryX Dines Again

I don’t think I’ve EVER had fried chicken coated with CORNFLAKES on a burger. Stay tuned to see if I can even come close to finishing. CAN I EVEN EAT ALL THIS!?!?!

I wrote a book of TRENDING RECIPES that got over 10,000 views

Let ME show YOU how to cook! I compiled my most popular 10 recipes into a downloadable E-BOOK that you can get. Just Buy Me a Coffee!

My McDonald’s messed up the Cactus Jack Travis Scott Meal

I wanted the Travis Scott Meal at Mcdonalds, and Mcdonald’s MESSED IT UP by missing key details. The Mcdonalds and Cactus Jack collab is awesome…on paper.