NOBODY BELIEVES ME!!! Episode 2 up on YouTube

High protein cannoli recipe. Check it out!!!

NOBODY BELIEVES ME!!! Episode 1 up on YouTube

Do these 2 things, lose 80 pounds!!!

Official derryX YouTube Launch!

The saga continues in video format!

BMF Yoga with derryX

Jerry is getting the BMF Yoga wheels in motion in the NY Capital Region in 2017!

The end is nigh

Jerry talks about what brought us to the end.

How much is that cannoli in the window?

Jerry seldom gets angry, but when he does, it’s over pastry.

Newborn Photos of Noah

Jerry shares some of Noahs one week newborn photos captured by Nicole Maddalone Photography.

Whole Foods Albany – A look at local

Jerry takes a couple of trips to Whole Foods Albany and learns about some local producers.