Upscale turkey sandwich at Vischer Ferry General Store – derryX Dines Again

Cassie and I argue over the pronunciation of REXFORD. Oh, and we got lunch at this cute little GENERAL STORE (they still have those?).

I am taking the Steve Martin MasterClass … AGAIN

I need to repeat the Steve Martin Teaches Comedy MasterClass. Not because I failed, but because I didn’t finish!

HALF PRICE Taco Bell Breakfast Crunchwrap EASY!

The TACO BELL BREAKFAST CRUNCHWRAP is AMAZING! No doubt. It does, however, come at a premium price. I’m gonna show you how to make one just as good if not better for less than half price.

GET THE JALAPENOS !!! BurgerFi – derryX Dines Again

Seriously! GET THE JALAPENOS !!! One of our favorite FAST CASUAL BURGER joints in the area is Burger Fi.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix 2020 Volume 1 GOOD and BAD

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix 2020 edition is really great. I watched Volume 1 the day it came out and IT IS AWESOME! They even brought back the original Unsolved Mysteries THEME MUSIC.

Weird Al UHF Blueberry Daiquiri 2 WAYS – HARD BLUEBERRY LEMONADE

Remember the “Weird Al” Yankovic UHF movie when he was depressed and he went to the neighborhood bar and ordered a blueberry daiquiri? Well, I’m going to show you how to make it 2 ways!

Fried Chicken w POTATO CHIPS ?! Slidin Dirty – derryX Dines Again

Time for some SLIDERS!!! Oh and some AVOCADO FRIES. OHH and also some DIRTY ANIMAL STYLE FRIES. Slidin Dirty uses MEALEO as their online ordering system. Was that better than recent places?

I had a happy Father’s Day 2020 + Dairy Queen Blizzard FAIL

Cassie and Noah put together A BUNCH of nice things for Father’s Day this past weekend.

SO FUN ! Ramen Onion Dip at Karma Bistro – derryX Dines AGAIN

Remember the French ONION DIP at parties you put ruffled potato chips in? KARMA BISTRO has a version that’s you dip fried TARO ROOT chips dusted in RAMEN POWDER. SO FUN!

Playhouse Phone Prank BACKFIRES for Noah’s 4th Birthday

It was just Noah’s 4th Birthday, and we got him this CRAZY playhouse that has a phone. With a little plastic wrap, I came up with a funny prank to start our PRANK WAR!