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If you ever wanted to take one of my cooking classes, this may be your last opportunity.

Jerry Cookking and Entertaining

In the past, I’ve taught a bunch of classes at Different Drummers Kitchen, including:

I am back on the schedule at Different Drummers for October 22. This time, I dug really deep and designed a special class.

Jerry's original risotto recipe card

When I say I dug deep, I mean, I really dug deep. That is a recipe card that I made on my second computer during my free time in college back in 1998. I made two copies. One is in my recipe box and is in perfect condition, and then there’s this one, which has been on my parents’ refrigerator since then. It’s clearly been used a few times.

My recipe and techniques have also evolved a little in the last 20 or so years.

So, about the class. It’s part instruction, and part hands on. I’ll start with the basics: what makes a dish that contains rice “risotto.” You’ll walk out understanding how 3 out of 5 times what you order in restaurants is a poor knockoff. I’ll show you the basics, then I’ll go into something more elaborate like a mushroom risotto, then I’ll show you the shortcut to quick risotto, and then we’re going way into left field and putting everything we learned together to make dessert risotto.

"Almond Joy" Risotto (Toasted coconut, slivered almonds, dark chocolate)
“Almond Joy” Risotto (Toasted coconut, slivered almonds, dark chocolate)

Yes. Dessert risotto is a thing, and I spent a lot of time developing and experimenting with this recipe. It’s something I’m really proud of and unique. You’re not going to find another cooking class where you learn how to make that! It’s also versatile, so the above “Almond Joy” risotto is only an example. (Kind of like all of my recipes)

The second part of the class is hands on. I’ll have batches of leftover savory and sweet risottos as well as an “arancini bar” equipped with all different kinds of filling for you to design your own rice ball. We’ll fry it off for you, and you can either eat it there or take it with you. [Because, arguably the best part of making risotto is having leftovers to make deep fried risotto croquettes!]

I am going to do everything in my power to make my last 150 minutes of cooking class be my best.

Jerry prepping eggplant rollatini

I can guarantee this will sell out, and very soon at that, so if you want in, stop in or call Different Drummers Kitchen (518-459-7990) to reserve your spot. As much as I know this will be a great time with anyone who attends, I’d love to fill the room with friends!

[Postscript: You read correctly that this is potentially my last cooking class. In case you missed my other announcements on social media, read below…(I will explain in upcoming weeks)]


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