STUFFED With Flavor! How To Cook LENTILS With Italian Sausage

This EASY, ONE POT Meal takes no time to put together! Basically a braised lentil recipe that includes hot Italian Sausage (or sweet if you prefer).

Eating TAVERN STYLE PIZZA From A Legendary Pub – derryX Dines

Does The Guilderland Outpost (OTW) hold up? This is my first time eating tavern style pizza from a legendary pub like THE ORCHARD TAVERN!

How To Cook KALE ALFREDO (aka Garlic Parmesan Kale)

This Is The Simplest Way with a TWIST!

Eating A BEEF BURGER From A Fishmonger – derryX Dines

HOOKED Seafood Co NOW has a beef burger on the menu. HOW DOES IT STACK UP against their other fishmonger offerings?

Eating TRIPLE SPICY SUSHI at My Neighborhood Place – derryX Dines

Plus A HOT spicy General Tso Like Dish. All from MIZU SUSHI Japanese Restaurant in Schenectady New York.


BUILD THE SAUCE FROM SCRATCH! Or get some help from the brand you can get anywhere. Mall Food Court Style Chicken Teriyaki is simple to make and absolutely incredible!

Eating EVERYTHING at a LEGENDARY Hot Dog Stand – derryX Dines

I Ordered EVERYTHING they make at Gus’s Hotdogs in Watervliet NY (Upstate NY).

NOT Floppy + GROSS!! How To Cook GREEN BEANS On The Stove

This Is HOW TO MAKE string beans that are NOT FLOPPY AND GROSS! How to Cook Green Beans Like a Pro and be a HERO!

MAXED OUT! Eating Pad Thai At The HOTTEST Thai Restaurant Near Me – derryX Dines

LOADED with every protein and Spice Level TO THE MAX!! Celadon Thai in Latham (Upstate NY) LITERALLY took my breath away.