derryX Dines

Dining anecdotes near and far.

Upscale turkey sandwich at Vischer Ferry General Store – derryX Dines Again

Cassie and I argue over the pronunciation of REXFORD. Oh, and we got lunch at this cute little GENERAL STORE (they still have those?).

GET THE JALAPENOS !!! BurgerFi – derryX Dines Again

Seriously! GET THE JALAPENOS !!! One of our favorite FAST CASUAL BURGER joints in the area is Burger Fi.

Fried Chicken w POTATO CHIPS ?! Slidin Dirty – derryX Dines Again

Time for some SLIDERS!!! Oh and some AVOCADO FRIES. OHH and also some DIRTY ANIMAL STYLE FRIES. Slidin Dirty uses MEALEO as their online ordering system. Was that better than recent places?

SO FUN ! Ramen Onion Dip at Karma Bistro – derryX Dines AGAIN

Remember the French ONION DIP at parties you put ruffled potato chips in? KARMA BISTRO has a version that’s you dip fried TARO ROOT chips dusted in RAMEN POWDER. SO FUN!

PACKED! Bowled Salad & Acai – derryX Dines Again

When I went, something was going on with their online ordering systems and Doordash and my order hadn’t been seen. They jumped on it right away when I got there, and I was on my way!

NINE snacks INSIDE ONE COOKIE !! Anabolic Baker – derryX Dines Again

You’re not gonna believe these MASSIVE cookies from The Anabolic Baker.

BEST PACKAGING for Takeout – Scubbers Hot Wings – derryX Dines Again

I really wanted to try the XX HOT WINGS on this visit. I didn’t but that didn’t stop me from ordering the same thing I have for the LAST 23 YEARS!

CRAZIEST Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese | derryX Dines Again

We got the craziest CHEESEBURGER MAC AND CHEESE, a spinach salad, and some SPICY deep fried cheese curds. PLUS a bottle of wine for just over $50. NOT BAD!

Burger with BACON and PEANUT BUTTER | Ambiguous Cocktails | derryX Dines Again

derryX DINES AGAIN!!! We get takeout from Innovo Kitchen to eat a burger with BACON AND PEANUT BUTTER made by Chef John LaPosta and drink outstanding yet ambiguous cocktails.