derryX 1 year giveaway

Official “1 Year of derryX” Announcement

derryX gets you ready for a major event…

In the back yard

where derryX lives – Backyard Bizarreness

derryX has another gem of an image from his backyard…

smiley dog

Stop making assumptions and get out of my way

derryX has the coolest neighbors!

derryXmas Tree

derryX X-mas Essentials

derryX explains his pre-Christmas rituals…


An Italian lesson…

derryX tells you about another set of obnoxious neighbors…



derryX tells the tale of Miguelito and his music…


Car Overboard

Find out what I did on the day I never thought I’d see…


Fire at the Watervliet Water Tower

Read about how my life was in danger, and I didn’t even know it!

Even more things you see at my apartment complex

This was behind my building circa 2007. I still don’t know what was going on.

Look carefully...

More only in my apartment complex

Can you believe this guy?